06 February 2009

Things that make me happy

It's snowing again, which is REALLY odd for Madrid. It doesn't look like any is accumulating, though. It's cold (about 36 F - cold for here, heat wave at home for a Nebraska winter!) and gloomy out. We've had a lot of rain lately, and I get happy feelings inside when the sun peeks out on those days. It's a reminder that the dreary days will not be here forever.

Today, Friday, is produce market day. A few vendors come to our tiny little town and set up stalls where they sell the most colorful produce. I'll take my camera some day, but not today. Because it's snowing. And overcast. Vino likes to get grapefruit there because he likes eating them. I like to get grapefruit (pomelo) because of how the the colors look when they are sliced in half on our turquoise colored plates. Silly, maybe, but it makes me happy.

Today I will go to the market and buy more mandarins for Vino, as requested, who is STILL confined to the couch, recouperating. We have another doctor's appointment next week. Poor guy.

Yesterday I turned 37, and he felt bad that he couldn't do much to celebrate. But he made me this, and it made me happy:

That's him on the balloon. I love Butterfingers, and we can't get them here. This one is from his dwindling "stash" in the cupboard. It really didn't bother me that we didn't do anything elaborate. It's not like he can get out and go shopping for me. I like homemade stuff, anyways. It always means more, no matter how humble. :) We ordered Chinese food and rented "The Secret Life of Bees" on iTunes, and had a nice evening at home. Maybe later we'll go out and celebrate. When it's sunny and warmer. That would make me happy.

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