21 January 2009


No excuses. I'm just lazy. I read other blogs and tell myself, "hey, you - when are you going to start blogging again? the longer you go, the more scattered your thoughts will become." I've had time, and I enjoy blogging. I just couldn't get myself to do it until right now. Even now as I type, though, I'm not sure if I'll actually finish today.

Before Christmas I wanted so much to blog about the homemade gifts I was working on, but I didn't want to give away the surprise to the recipients. But that was SO long ago, and I didn't take pictures (silly, I know, for someone who over-docuements her life!). If I can get my mom to take a photo of what I gave her, I'll blog about it. Deal?

We went home for Christmas. My parents flew us home, so we were able to spend the holidays with my side and Vino's side. It was a surprise for his family, which was fun. We had such a wonderful time surrounded by loved ones. However, it was really cold and there was a lot of snow & ice going on that we were happy to leave. Now we are home (back in Spain) and have still not gotten back into a routine, for reasons (mostly) beyond my control.

Here's what happened: The day after we returned to Spain, Madrid had a freak snow storm!

It was beautiful. The flakes were huge, and I felt like I was inside a snow globe.

Snow is rare in this part of Spain, and when it does snow, it hardly ever accumulates. Here's a video that Vino made the day after we got back. This beautiful snow covered our area in a thick blanket, which would have been nice if we only had to look at it.

However, having just returned from the States, the cupboards were bare. So after he made his snow video, Vino and a friend of ours set of for the butcher on the other side of town, since it was the only place open within walking distance that had any sort of food (milk, bread, eggs, etc.). Half way there, Vino stepped in a hole that had been very expertly camouflaged by the snow and messed up his ankle. With the friend's help, he painfully limped back home where we discovered that his ankle was badly swollen.

We found out later that it was not broken, but had 2nd degree ligament damage. After 10 days of keeping it elevated, wrapped and iced (with a bag of Maize Dulce from the freezer), we painstakingly went to the doctor where he was told that he needed to spend two more weeks with it elevated, wrapped and iced.

Yikes! He was already going stir-crazy. In addition to the foot, he pulled a muscle or something in his arm so he can't use crutches. Poor thing has to hop around or use me for support.

So this has been my life since we got back to Spain. I get things for Vino. I wrap his foot, get him ice, put away the ice, get him drinks & food, act as a counterweight when he needs to get around. Good thing we live in the same building we work in, because I can check on him during the day. You'd think with all of this staying at home I would have the apartment spotless and all of my to-do list crossed off. Not even close. Does anyone else find it hard to accomplish much of anything with the hubby at home? I've been like that ever since we got married. As soon as he went on a business trip, or to hang out with a friend for the day, I was Super Susie Homemaker & Crafter. I don't know what my deal is. I can't seem to get anything done except wash dishes, and that is a never-ending task.

Seriously, am I the only one with this problem? Is it magnified when you have children? Which is more difficult: accomplishing tasks around the house with a husband present, or with children present? I know I'm an introvert who gets energized with time alone. Maybe that's my deal.

As I type this, I am in my office on a Saturday afternoon. The apartment is a mess. I just finished making eggs, waffles & maple syrup and am mostly cleaned up from that. The dishwasher is running. I still have my apron on. I came down to the office to get one little thing and realized it would be the perfect time to finish this blog entry. Three days after I stared it.

So there you go.

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