22 February 2009

Caramel Corn & Other Tasty Treats

I love me some sugar. LOVE. I'm not supposed to have a lot of it, and I'm blessed with a husband who reminds me to keep my sugar intake in check. When I get to heaven, I'll eat all the chocolate & cream filled long johns I want, and they'll be good for me. In the mean time, though, I can SPARINGLY enjoy the tasty treats that Vino comes up with. Take, for instance, his stuffed strawberries.

I'll post a recipe & more photos of those later, but let me just say that they are divine. He's all about the presentation, as you can see. Here's what he made me for breakfast this morning:

I'm a lucky girl. :)

He also makes his own cooking show, which he posts on YouTube. There are several in the works, but the most popular one (and one that he just upgraded with cool graphics) is his caramel corn.

I brag about this stuff, but it's not because I'm biased and he's cute. It's because it is seriously the best caramel corn I've ever had, hands down. We made the video in our old house, before we sold it (that's me behind the camera). Every time I watch it, I miss my little kitchen! So for your viewing pleasure, and I hope for your eating pleasure if you choose to make the recipe, here's the love of my life, looking snazzy in my Pampered Chef apron. Enjoy!

Vino's Kitchen Caramel Corn Recipe

P.S. He'd love it if you checked out his other videos. They're mostly about us here in Spain.


Janet said...
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Janet said...

What a sweetheart to make you such a wonderful breakfast! This was a cute post and visually appealing.

Holly said...

Cool videos! The caramel corn looks yummy, but those strawberries...! Oh my.

Jodi said...

oh man do those strawberries look sensational! I too am a sugar lover! Boy do I wish I wasn't!

so glad you found BibleShared helpful! I know it has been for me! Happy reading! :-)

Liz Harrell said...

Ok wow. Hats off to him! Dont you just love men who have a knack for things like this? Sometimes when Matt has to work late and I end up fending for myself for dinner I get so sad. I'm spoiled. :)

Mrs. Petrie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Casa Petrie. Looking at your photos made me miss my brother, who lives in Madrid. The church you visited reminded me of the "oldest" church in the US, which is in Santa Fe. Take care!