11 January 2007

closer & closer...

We are so close now. I haven't posted in a while, but I think I need to post regularly now, even if no one reads my blog. We picked up our visas on Dec. 8, and have 90 days from that date to present ourselves to the visa authorities in Spain. Our projected departure is sometime around the last part of February. Before we go, though, we still have the rest of our budget to raise (about half!) and we'd really like to get our house sold.

I'm not worried - just anxious about all that has to be done before we leave. I don't want to forget anything.

I'm starting to look at my house with different eyes - distancing myself in a way, knowing that we will never live there again, but also taking in as much as I can. I love sitting on my porch swing on a nice day, saying 'hey' to the neighbor kid. I love making salsa or bread or whatever on a Saturday afternoon in my bright kitchen watching my favorite cooking shows. I even love the familiar sounds - when the floor creaks in specific spots; the sound of the front door opening and keys being dropped into the bowl, signifying that Vino is home. I wonder if the next occupants will someday find comfort in the familiarity of the old house. I'm looking forward to finding the things I love about our new home, wherever it will be.