19 March 2009

Second-Hand Spanish Wine Bottle

Today I'm participating in Holly's linky party over at her Homebody blog. I love the idea of sharing our thrifing treasures, and she has some great ones!

I haven't thrifted much while living in Spain. Thrift stores don't seem to be as popular here as they are in the States, but that doesn't mean we can't find them! My all-time favorite store in Alcala de Henares, the town we live by is called Segundo Manos, or Second Hand in English. I knew from first sight that I would be in love. Unfortunately, a lot of the items there that I'd like to own are large furniture pieces. Being here temporarily and having no car, I have restrained myself from buying anything I can't carry home on the bus.

One day when I was browsing with my Mom, I came across this wine bottle.

I had seen larger versions of this type of bottle at El Rastro in Madrid (Spain's oldest & largest flea market) but I didn't want to give my firstborn to pay for one, so I kept looking. This one is a bit smaller, but it was only 6 Euros ($8)! My mom persuaded me (easily) to get it. Part of the pursuasion was that she paid for it. I love shopping with my mom. :)

For a while it sat on my coffee table with various blooming branches or flowers in it, but I needed a lamp, so I attached a lampkit to it & bought a cheap shade.

It's hard to see in the photo, but the shade is more of an ecru color. The whole thing cost me about $12.

I need to take my camera next time I visit Segundo Manos so you all can see all the great stuff I can't buy!

16 March 2009

Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh I want these!

"2 antique 30 drawer Apothecary cabinets for sale. Each has additional shelving unit for the top. The backing is pine. $500 each or BEST OFFER."

Oh, the bliss of having one of these. They are only $500 each, or best offer (and we all know that means I could snag one for less). I say "only", but $500 is not pocket change for me. However, I'd be willing to save up all my birthday & Christmas money & sell enough plasma to purchase just one of these lovelies.

I have nowhere to put one. I don't have a home. Well, I have a temporary home, but it's on the other side of the ocean and like I just said, it's temporary. But I'd find a place to put it. Notice they each have "additional shelving unit for the top". What does that mean? Something fabulous backed with original bead board?? Are there glass doors!? WHAT!!??!

Seriously, I need to stop looking at Craigslist while I'm living overseas. It's just not wise for my heart. So if you live in Nebraska, or anywhere near, and want to snatch these up before they're gone, then Run to the phone.

Run like the wind. John & Rick are waiting for your call. I'll just be sitting here. Crying.