22 August 2009

Family Room Makeover BEFORE

My mom has good taste. Her house is very homey, clean & restful. However, even though she enjoys decorating herself, she has asked my sister & I to re-do three of her rooms. She give us her preferences & a budget, and then she doesn't see the room until we're finished. First was the main bathroom, which I re-did in a cool, bright spa theme. Then was the upstairs guest room, which my sister & I re-did in a warm, British colonial style. Well, that was our starting point at least. It turned out warm & cozy. She loved both rooms!

The most recent makeover was the basement family room. For years it was a hodgepodge of leftover furniture pieces from days gone by. She wanted another warm, inviting, cozy room. The challenge: it's huge! LOTS of wall space. $500-ish budget. She also requested SureFit slipcovers for the couch & loveseat. Here are the before pictures!

And here's a sneak peak at some of the things I bought for the room, pre-transformation:

Another sneak peak - wall color! It's BOLD, and I worried a bit if my parents would like it. The rest of the walls in the house are very pale. Risky!!

I will post the AFTER photos soon & talk about the projects I did & how I saved as much money as possible. I love how it turned out!

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Holly said...

Hi Erin! I was looking thru my followers list and realized I hadn't "seen" you in a while. I guess you're back in the States now? Can't wait to see the family room after!