03 January 2012

I want this house. But I can't have it.

For Sale: fairy tale cottage with mountain views

I want this house. It's listed for sale in Denver. The listing says that it was built by P.T. Barnum and he lived in it after his mansion burned to the ground. The actual provenance is a mystery, but I don't care. I still want it. I wish I could take a tour and get better pictures (these are from the listing), but a sale is pending. Bummer.
legend says that this house started out life as a barn.
Living room. The ceilings are low because the second floor was the hayloft (legend again). Love the coffers.
The entry way is visible on the other side of the fireplace.
What's that room off of the living room?
It's an amazing sun room! Until recently this room sported an original Tiffany stained glass window, sold for $25k. I'll have some of that coffee, thanks.
Stained glass on the ceiling and intricate plaster work.
I have a round table ready to live in this room. It would go perfectly.
Ah, the kitchen. Look past the floors, wallpaper and yellow counter tops. What you should look at is the dutch door. I've always wanted one!
It also comes with a funny little corner sink.
And a fancy range hood!
I wish the sink was under the window, but you can't have everything.
It just gets better. A breakfast nook? Sweet. And you can't read it in this photo, but the label over that doorway says "SCULLERY". Seriously?
The "scullery" must be where all the dishes are washed and kept. This room would actually make a great laundry room with under counter washer & dryer.
The doors!! Now let's go upstairs...
Master bedroom. Love the iron stretchers on the ceiling.
It has an inglenook with a fireplace! And the little random doors are supposedly remnants of the hayloft.
I would most likely paint something other than pink. :)
The second bedroom, a little nook that would be perfect for a kid. There are two other bedrooms - on on the main floor and one in the basement. Speaking of the basement....
The basement! The built-ins and hardware in this house are amazing.
Main living area of the walk-out basement. See the square piano by the windows? I wonder if that comes with the house?
I don't understand what's going on here. Are these two fireplaces?
This door (fairy tale cottage door!!) goes outside to the back patio.
Brick covered patio. I could hang out here. couldn't you? With some vintage patio furniture and plants in the planters?
And last of all, a bevy of out-buildings! One is a playhouse, I think one is a chicken coop, and the larger one in the back is the garage, but I think there's a little living area attached to the garage. Guest cottage? Art studio?

Can you see why I want this house? It's so DIFFERENT. And different in a good way. You can't buy character like that new now. The house is 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, over 2,300 square feet. Too bad we 1. Recently signed a 1 year lease, 2. Didn't see this listing before a sale was pending, and more importantly, 3. Don't have the $$ to buy it. Oh, well. It's fun to look!!


Shannon said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

I am seriously drooling over by laptop keys. THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!! I keep looking and looking for houses with these details and they are hard to find! especially on 10+ acres... which is what my hubby demands of our first house. Good luck to both of us, right?