21 December 2011

Making a sweater stocking

It was time for new stockings! The ones we've been using don't match, plus one of them is red and green and I'm not so big on decorating for Christmas with those predictable colors. :)

So, you know me, there's no way I'm going to the store to buy new stockings. Not when I can make them for super cheap! Here's the lowdown:

I found this vintage sweater at the thrift store with this amazing pearl collar. It even has a label that says "The Denver" (where we live). I've never made a stocking before, but I have made pillows out of sweaters before, so how hard could it be?

I traced the outline of one of our old stockings onto the sweater turned inside out, making sure to position it so that the collar is at the top.

I also made a liner out of some scrap material, again using the old stocking as a guide.

I had to cut off a bit of the top of the liner so it wouldn't show on the finished product. I didn't really know what I was doing with this liner, so it looks a little funky. I pinned it onto the sweater, both inside out, and just sewed around the outline.

The first cut of the sweater:

Almost done:


Finishing touches: I cut some of the finished seam off of the extra sweater pieces to make a loop. Just hand sewed that on. Then I turned the stocking right side out and hung it on the mantel. Success! I love how the label is part of the design!

The next day I made on for my man out of a more man-ish sweater. It's still a woman's sweater, but has a nice chunky cable knit and no beads. :) I used the same technique but didn't put in a liner and I used the waist band of the sweater as the top of the stocking.

Looks like I need to vacuum up those fabric scraps!!
Pay no attention to my hand. I couldn't get the stocking to hang the right way for the photo.
Now we both have stockings that fit our style and our home's decor. If I decide so in the future, I can add decorative doo-da's, but for now, I'm happy. Now let's fill them with stuff!


Your Man said...

How come your stocking has something in it but mine doesnt?

Erin said...

Yours had an envelope in it for the picture...but that was just to make it stand out and not fold. :)

Shannon said...

Great idea. Love them both. Thanks for the idea.

Cafe with Kim said...

I love the idea too! I keep trying to think of stocking ideas because I want them to be unique but I also want them to match! this would totally work! although they won't be unique if I stole the idea from you! ;)

MJ said...

Your shoes are super cute! The stockings are cute too. There's no picture of both stockings together. I still always read your blog but just don't comment. Keep the posts coming--the dry spells make me sad! Amanda Phelan