27 July 2010

Painting the World Glossy White, One Tacky Accessory at a Time

Bought these for a buck/pair at the local thrift:

Not lovin' the 70s ceramic class look. Before I walked out the door, I picked up these, half off that day because they had a blue tag ($2.50):

Not my style, too traditional or something. Enter: glossy white spray paint.

Ahhh, much better. The guinea fowl are no longer foul (sorry, I had to go there - tacky accessories call for a tacky play on words).

And the magnolias are much better. More contemporary yet still fit into my urban cottage-ish wanna-be house.

I don't think I've found the perfect place for the birds yet. Decorating is always a work in progress, though...isn't it?

What do you think? Do you have stuff that could use a clean coat of solid white? Or black? Or turquoise? Whatever fits in your decor. It's good to see beyond what things are to what they could be.

Oh, and by the way, I was a featured guest on www.remodelaholic.com for my buffet/hutch post. How cool is that??


MamaMonki said...

Great idea - you make me want to go buy some spray paint!

Becky Holmes said...

I just wanted to stop over and say hi! Thank you for your comment on our ottoman project. I just read you live in Seward, NE...I'm originally from Norfolk. :)

Anonymous said...

It's just amazing what a coat of paint can do! Besides preferring white to black now, I'm keeping my eye open for something to spray with Krylon's Ocean Breeze. Love that color!

Anonymous said...

sorry to double comment, but I just read the other comments...I had no idea you were in Seward! Me too! I originally found you via some other home remodeling/improvement type blog...crazy small world!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm Jan. I saw you were featured on Miss Mustard Seed so I wanted to pop over and see your blog. What a wonderful creative site you have. I'm your newest follower and I invite you to visit my blog and if so inspired, please follow me, as well. I've been on a spray-paint trip lately too!

Pudel-design said...

I found your blog
and fell in LOVE! ;)
I am a follower now!

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Lovely greetings...