19 July 2010

Don't Hate Me Because I Inherited Awesome Flour Sacks.

Everyone seems to be looking for grain sacks - French with faded black French text, American with classic Americana images. Guess what I have? My dear grandma (my mom's mom) was one of those thrifty women back in the day who saved flour sacks & used them like fabric from the fabric store. My mom remembers in the 40s & early 50s that my grandma made all sorts of things with flour sacks - skirts, dresses, tea towels, aprons. She even made my mom a swimsuit from a flour sack. But these flour sacks had prints on them such as floral or geometric shapes. Not what I'm used to seeing in vintage flour sacks. I can imagine that she used all those styles of sacks for sewing that that's why she didn't have any in storage years later. But she did have these!

Lucky me. I was trying to decide between the rooster & the flamingo for my dining room wall.

The rooster definitely belongs in a kitchen or dining room and is probably more fitting for the midwest, but I love the colors in the flamingo better. And you know I don't like to do what's expected. :)

Of course I didn't go out and buy a new frame for the flour sack. I found this bulletin board at a local thrift shop for $2. It was just about the perfect size, and I didn't have to do anything to it. I like the black frame and the fabric.

All I did was iron the flour sack & pin it on with pearl pins. I used those because I already had them. I didn't want to drive all the way to Walmart just to look for other pins. Lazy or frugal? I don't really care. I like the pearls!

So this is now the new artwork for the blank wall in my dining room. What do you think? I'm saving the rooster for somewhere else, probably my next house since I'm just about out of wall space in this tiny little house. But as much as I'm about sharing, I'm not giving it up. Unless my sister wants it. She doesn't seem like the rooster type, though. She probably wants the flamingo. :)


Unknown said...

LOVE them!!!! I do hate you because of it- hahahaha j/k ;-)

Shelley said...

Hey, I'd love the rooster. I didn't know these even existed. - your sister :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love that! How different and interesting - especially because it came from your grandmother! The swimsuit made from a flour sack - now that I want to see!
And I like the pearls...a tiny interesting detail.

Erin said...

I'll save you the rooster, Shelley!

Mary Lemon said...

I don't hate you but I'm so coveting your flour sacks! It looks awesome framed! And I love the rooster too!

Mary Lemon said...
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