17 September 2008

Travel Jar

Here's my first blog post on a cheap & crafty way to remember a trip. I got the idea from Sherry & John over at www.thisyounghouse.com. Last weekend the hubby & I went to Barcelona for our 7th wedding anniversary. You're saying, "Barcelona! Wow! What an extravagant trip!" Well, actually, we live in Spain. We're here for two years, and are trying to take advantage of how little it costs to travel in the country. Barcelona is one of our favorite places! We took a long weekend & had a great time. Very relaxing, and we went to the beach - my first time touching the sand & sea in Spain! To commemorate the trip, I scooped up a little bit of sand while we were at the beach, along with some seashells I found, & a pottery shard. I also saved a business card of a restaurant we ate at. It has a black & white photo on the back of the restaurant from when it first opened in the 40's. I don't have a cool jar to put it all in, so this empty garbanzo bean jar will have to do for now.

Add a velvet ribbon & a velum tag to label it, and I have an instant reminder of a great weekend!


Rachel said...

It's such a simple but great idea isn't it.

I think having lots of different jars along the same theme looks sweet and less magazine-y than all the same.

Erin said...

I agree! Each trip or event is different, so it only makes sense that the jars are, too.

Christina said...

oh my goodness, i love this idea too! you are just full of them! gets my mind going too, love the creativity!