17 September 2008

New focus!

Today I'm starting something new. I guess time will tell how it goes. I haven't been good about blogging (as evidenced by the date of my last post). However, I have been very diligent in posting photos on flickr, so I know I can be consistent with something internet related!

I've changed the focus of this blog. It started out as a general what's up with me type of journal that the world could read. Now, I'd like to share more about my home and how I try to give it, aesthetically, the things that are most important to me: peacefulness, rest, tranquility, joy, refreshment.

Now, if I posted pictures of every corner of my house, you would see the random pile of stuff to be organized & put away, projects yet to be completed, & the occasional dust bunny. That's not my idea of refreshing decor. However, this blog is about the pursuit of those things I hold dear, not the perfect achievement.

I've been told that I like to do things different than the norm. I don't like matchy-matchy new stuff from a showroom floor that requires no creativity. I was also raised in a very thrifty home, but one that had all the things I listed above (the peacefulness, not the dust bunnies). Perhaps that's why I tend to gravitate towards decor challenges that allow me to get the results I'm looking for, spending the least amount of money possible. Because, seriously, we've got more necessary things to spend our money on: food, bills, etc. But that doesn't mean that we have to live in a boring place. Example: I found these old chairs for $5 each:

After a lot of sanding, priming & painting (by my dad!), they turned into these:

I didn't even want brand spanking new porch furniture. Where would the fun be in that?

So, welcome! I hope you are inspired to become creative with what you have or what you can find. Think of every day items in a new way, and have fun!


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