26 January 2011

We're moving! Again!

I've been absent from my blog for a little bit. Wanna know why? Oh, you already read the title of the post? It's true! In a few weeks we will be moving to Denver. Denver! My fella landed a good job, so we're takin' off. So at the moment we are packing, fixing stuff on the house & getting it ready to put on the market.

Anyone out there want to buy a cute little cottage in Nebraska???

I hope to be posting off & on about the move. I might miss this little place, but I'm looking forward to the future...finding new restaurants & shops, a new church, new parks & places to run, new neighbors and a new (to us) place to fix up and make our own.

Are you ready to join us on that journey? Should be an interesting ride!


Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

Many good wishes to you on your journey. May blessings abound!

Holly said...

Moving is an adventure, but my first thought was "oh no! Your cute little house!" Can you take that awesome bathroom sink with you?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! As a fellow Sewardite hoping to move to Colorado soon, I'm totally jealous. But also very excited and happy for you! I'm looking forward to following your journey.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Really? After all the work you've done there? Ah well, a good job is wonderful and Denver is lovely. I'm from Lakewood so if you end up in that area I'd be happy to pass along suggestions. :)

Shannon said...

We are looking forward to have "old" friends out here. Hope you sell your house soon.

Cafe with Kim said...

I'm with Holly... take your bathroom sink!!! and your bathroom table. and your... everything else! lol.. I'm happy for you guys... and if you plan to get rid of anything - set it aside... I'll come get it!

Ashlee said...


I couldn't find your email address - and I have the Stylish Blogger award to pass on to you! Visit my post http://aprairiecottage.blogspot.com/2011/02/aw-schucks.html to claim your award!