19 November 2010

Before & After: FREE Record Cabinet Saved from Dumpster

Out for a run one day, I saw this little gal sitting forlornly in front of a dumpster. I thought "How sad." Then I kept going.

I thought about her over the next two days. While it rained. I considered driving the truck over to see if she was still there, but I didn't know how badly she was wounded or what I would do with her when I got her home. But I finally decided to see if she had been picked up yet. I drove over, still in the rain, & there she was. A little worse for the wear. You see, this little record cabinet has a wood veneer. It does not play well with lots of water. I looked her over, looked around to see who else was looking, and when I saw that I was in the clear, I hefted her into the back of my truck. Sometimes I wonder if Vino sees me as the little kid who brings home injured birds & frogs in my pocket because they need "rescued". But he never complains. :) Here's what I did to this gal:

The veneer on the top was bubbled & peeling off. I peeled off the rest of it, and was glad for the rain that softened the glue. Underneath was the wood planks of the top.

All it needed was a good sanding, then some stain & poly. The rest of the body needed a little more work.

The veneer on one side couldn't be saved, so I stripped that off, too. It was stuck on good on the rest of the body, so I just patched the chips with wood filler. A coat of primer & a couple coats of creamy white paint, and she's as good as new! She is missing her drawer, but for a temporary fix, I'm just using a tray that fits the spot.

She is now living as a night stand in our guest room. Happy in her new home!

She & I are participating in some parties today. You should head over & check out the creative things that other bloggers are doing around their homes!


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Jen T said...

Oh I just love it! And finding it for FREE is awesome..you did a great job on the top.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! I love it! I wish I could find some free stuff or even something cheap that I wouldn't be afraid to do a trial run at painting.

Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy said...

What a little treasure! You did such a nice job!

Shelley said...

I'm sure all the poor old furniture cast-offs appreciate you. You're always able to see their true beauty.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

You are a miracle worker!

Holly said...

It's so pretty! What kind/color of stain did you use on the top?

Holly said...

Thanks for your comment about the microwave heat packs from last year! I hope your family likes them. My dad actually just requested a second one because they use theirs all the time!
I'm actually making them this year to sell in my husband's chiropractic office. He just took them in today...so we'll see if they sell.

Raine and Sage said...

Hi Erin,

What a great makeover. Such a difference. I'm in Australia and also renovate furniture. Love the before and after of this project.

Sonia :)