03 November 2008

New Life for the Quirky

This little beauty is waiting for me at home. My mom decided to do some editing of stuff in her basement, and offered this vintage stamp holder up to the first family member who wanted it. Of course, I couldn't hit "reply" fast enough to her email. Turns out, I didn't have to be fast at all. No one else wanted it. Can you believe that!?

I vaguely remember this item from my childhood. I can't recall where or why, but it is familiar to me. I'm looking forward to using it...somehow. Most likely it won't hold stamps, since I'm not a stamper. But think of the possibilities! It could hold any number of crafty tools or supplies. It could hold jewelry. It could hold fabric swatches or ribbon. It could even be a swanky little Christmas tree, holding sparkly ornaments.

This does remind me of another piece of cast-off "junk" that I appropriated from my mom & dad's garage a few years ago.

It used to serve as a library cabinet, but spent several years in my grandpa & grandma's garage or basement full of gems & minerals (they were rock hounds). Then it sat for years in my parents' garage full of screws & nuts & who knows what else. After my mom had an editing session in the garage, I decided that it needed a new life. I cleaned it up, painted it and put it in my pink crafty room in our house. I used the metal label holders on the front of each drawer to label important contents, such as "cool paper", "sewing notions", and "re-gift". THEN people decided that they really liked it...and wanted it. My sister said that she had always wanted it, which I believed, but...too bad. :) It proves that there is great benefit in seeing the potential in something dirty, junk filled or just odd. Hmm. I think there's a sermon in there somewhere...

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the quirky little stamp holder, and thanks, family, for not wanting it! Needless to say, I'm excited to find some creative use for it that no one else thought of. :) Anyone have a great idea for it??


Christina said...

I LOVE it!! I am so glad I found your blog! I will enjoy watching you be creative! I love doing the exact same thing, seeing the potential in junk and making it something wonderful! too bad we don't live closer or we could do garage sales together!

Erin said...

Christina, I would LOVE to go garage sale-ing with you! Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. :):):)