16 May 2006

So here's a shocker. We're still waiting...for a passport right now, which when it comes will start off another round of waiting for an official letter. Is this going to be for us a test, a gift, or both? I have said from my heart so many times that I want the Lord to do whatever He needs to do in my life to have me where He wants me. Even if that means never having kids. Or never going on the mission field. Or being sick. Or having a stressful job. I don't want to dictate to Him what his best is for me. And I want to learn everything I can from whatever I go through. So we need wisdom, and we need to have some questions answered. A friend reminded me this morning that God's schedule is not always our schedule, and He doesn't belong in a box. So true. I want no boxes in my heart for God. He is limitless.

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